Smoked BBQ Tri Tip

It is time for another BBQ post!

Tri Tip is one of my favorite meats. In California this is pretty much all we eat  for BBQ. It is pretty lean and can be found on sale often. When it goes below $5 a pound I will get a few.

I used the following recipe found at the best bbq site in the world  .

It is one of the easier and quicker meats to smoke.

I use my trusty Webber kettle setup for a two zone fire. Just bank the coals to one side. I usually do not put in a water pan as it is a pretty short cook. I want to get Slow n Sear but do not want to spend the money right now.

Get the chimney out and start some coals. I usually do about half a Webber chimney. Once the coals are ashed over dump them on the unlit coals.

Let the BBQ heat up until the cold side is around 225 or so. Adjust top and bottom vents as need. Try to keep the top vents open as much as you can. This helps stops soot from build up.

Put some wood on top of the coals to get some smoke. Remember always start with a little smoke and add. I usually do about 2 fist size chunks. I like Mesquite for Tri Tip but use whatever you want.

Now season that amazing Tri tip. Pick whatever rub you want and get it all over it. You will not over season the meat.

Place the Tri tip on the cool side. We will leave it here until it reaches 115F or so. You will need a Digital thermometer. If you do not have one. Go buy one.  Really no point in BBQing without one. I bought this one, I like it. Cheap and accurate.

Remember to move your Tri tip atleast once to have heat evenly.

Once you hit your temperate it is time to sear. Place the tri tip on the hot side and leave it on both sides for about 5 mins each. You want a nice even dark bark. Check the temperature and pull it once it reaches 130.

Let it rest for at least 10 mins. When cutting make sure to cut across the grain. If you do not know how to do this just look up a youtube video. Much easier to follow then text.

Once it is cut in enjoy! I like to get soft rolls at Costco and make sliders.


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