Basics of Churning

There has been a explosion in the past few years of people trying to get the best credit card rewards possible. This has been called Churning.

Some people are really into this and have hundred’s  of credit cards. They will find ways to spend thousands of dollars and get most of this back. This is called manufactured spending. It can get pretty sketchy.

Then you have people like me that try to get the best rewards possible without spending hours and hours of effort. I imagine most people fall into this.

Most blogs online are from people that travel pretty much full time. This does not fit my life. They take about spending 50k on credit card like it is nothing. They get really expensive hotels for “free” but leave out the other cost.

All the blog post you see about the Maldives is a perfect example. Sure you get a “free” plane ticket to the main island and hotel room. But the transfer plane ticket is  $700 and it is $30 for cocktail and your stuck on a island.

I focus on different way . I figure out where I want to go and see what deals I can find for that location.

Right now I am at 3/24 for Chase. Chase only allows you to have a total of 5 cards in span of 2 years.

That means I can get two more Chase cards.

I just got the Chase Sapphire Preferred. Spend 4k in 3 months and get 50k points which is not a bad deal.

Feel free to sign up for the card with my promo link below. I will get 10k bonus points. Or not that is ok too 🙂

Chase Sapphire Preferred sign up link   

I hope to have more post in the future. I am planning my honeymoon and want to get the most bang for my buck.