DIY Pest Control for less than $50 a year

DIY Pest Control

I live in the Sacramento valley of California. It gets pretty hot here so we get lots of bugs. We have lots of Cockroaches that take over in the summer.

I recently bought a house that was unoccupied for a few months. I really wanted to make sure to get rid of the bugs but did not have a lot of money.

I deiced to get an all purpose bug spray and a sprayer. After doing some research online I found most thing sold in stores are pretty much useless.

I went with the chemical that is part of the Pyrethroid family. It is safer then most chemicals and it will kills insects very fast.

I went and got the off brand Demand CS as it was slightly cheaper and the same active ingredient which is Lambda-Cyhalothrin.

You will need a sprayer to mix the water and cyzmic-cs together. I just bought a cheap one gallon sprayer at Home Depot. Only use the sprayer for this one task. They are less then ten bucks just buy a dedicated one.

Now you need to figure out your mixture rate. Refer to the bottle of what ever you bought. Make sure to follow what it says. For a clean out treatment it recommend .8fl oz to 1 gallon of water.

1st : Fill the sprayer half way with water.
2nd: Pour .8fl oz of cysmic-cs or whatever else into the sprayer and close the lid.
3rd: Put the lid on and shake the crap out of it.
4th: Fill sprayer to 1 gallon mark and shake again.

Now you are ready to starting spraying.

Indoor Application

As the house was currently empty I was going to spray inside as well. Since then I have limited my spraying to outside.

Inside you want to do what is called a “crack and crevice application” this is fancy speak for you can spray in cracks. Do not go around coating the whole floor. Spray underneath baseboards and around cabinets toilets etc.

The Garage is important!!! For me I need to spray heavily in the garage as it was major infection point.

Outside Application

Outdoor application is important.

We want to create a barrier so the pest can not enter the house. The easiest way to do this is to spray a perimeter line around the house.

Take the sprayer and making a sweeping motion 6 inches up the foundation/side of the house then 6 inches down on the ground. You want about a foot of spray that is touching your house and the ground next to it.

The idea is that anything that gets within 6 inches of the house or touches the house will be effected.

The next step is to spray around windows and anything that goes into our out of the house. Cable wires water pipes etc. Remember we want a barrier of spray anywhere it is possible to enter the house.

Below is a link to quick video that walks through the steps.


This stuff can be a little scary. I was not living in the house at the time I did the first spray. When I came back three days later it was like a Genocide occurred. The garage was a kill zone. It took me about thirty minutes to sweep up all the dead cockroaches. I lost count out over 150. It is was incredible and scary to see how well this stuff works.

For the next few days you might see cockroaches during the day. This is because they are dying. You will want to at least repeat the outdoor treatment about every 3 months. Do not spray if it has rained recently or will shortly after.

This is the same stuff Terminix and other companies use for Residential treatments. With the sprayer total cost was less than $40. This is less than one visit form Terminix. I can get about 8 treatments out of one bottle.

If you are willing to spend 30 mins everything 3 months you can get rid of most bugs for the price of dinner.